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Overall: Very good


"I have been in the process of remodeling my kitchen and was having a difficult time figuring out what I wanted to do for a tile backsplash. I found Flooring Depot by accident when I was on my way to another store. I stopped in and GG helped me design my kitchen perfectly. She took an hour or more of her time helping me color coordinate the tile to match perfectly. She is very skillful with colors and used her expertise to design my kitchen. I was very thankful because I couldn't have done it without her help. I had been to many other stores and no one was willing to take the time to help me like GG did. My only problem with Flooring Depot was that I was promised my tile would be in Friday and it didn't arrive until the following Wednesday. Despite the extra time I had to wait I would still recomend Flooring Depot because of their excellent customer service and GG's God given color gift. Thanks for all your help!"


Overall: Excellent
"WOW - what an experience ! My wife and I had never done a remodel before and stumbling onto Flooring Depot early on was a resource that I am not sure we could have done without. From planning, to selection and ordering, to installation and follow-up Ted and GG were amazing. Even when we had a minor problem with one product Flooring Depot was there to help resolve it to our COMPLETE satisfaction. All this PLUS getting to know Brody - it just can't be much better than that. Thanks again Ted and GG"



Overall: Excellent
"I am a designer and my entire firm finds Flooring Depot an exceptional place to do business. After reading the rather hateful response of 'Aaron' I decided to post a positive comment. The owners of Flooring Depot are very friendly, patient and knowledgeable about the products they sell. After working with a variety of clients, I completely understand that there are some 'bad apples' out there that are not happy no matter what you do for them. Knowing the background of 'Aaron's' situation, they ordered specific flooring last minute after they had stalled for over a month in making a decision and wanted results right away. The last box of flooring did not arrive because there wasn't any left in Portland, no fault to Flooring Depot. They also refunded all of the customer's money, ate the restocking fee and the cost of the product. What more could they have done when it was the customer's fault for ordering so close to their remodel deadline. Let's plan ahead people!!! We love supporting local family owned business and will continue to send all of our clients there!!!"


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